29,30 and 31 weeks

Look how I’m growing!!! Unfortunately I have started to eat the deer / reindeer and it now requites some TLC!

House training appears to be cracked!!!! We’ve even been away to London to a mid summers eve party and went camping. Except for one chewed guy rope everything went really well!  The advantage or a cage trained dog, is that the cage will travel!!

Training – Slowly improving, we are now working on getting some control from a distance, but this is still a little hit and miss.

Worming – We are now into 3 monthly worming, but to keep on top of Lung worm and Ticks everything is still being given monthly.

To spay or not to spay, that is the question ……

In the past we have always known we haven’t had the time for puppies and have always spayed before a bitch’s first season. (The vets are always happy to discus the pro’s and con’s of when to spay) This helps to prevent mammary and cervical cancers. BUT breeding may be an option this time. I think we will wait until she is fully grown and then check hips and elbows and eyes… and make a decision.

If pets could talk!!

27 / 28 weeks


How time flies!!!

House training is almost cracked, although annoyingly we did have one rather smelly accident on the carpet this week. Unfortunately we had let our guard down, and hadn’t kept ebony in the dogs room with access to the garden straight after breakfast!!


This is improving slowly, it depends whether we have on our thinking head or puppy head!! Sitting is great, and we are doing well with stay and recall and slowly learning down. We now sit for our food and will wait until told to eat it (well up to about 5 secs when puppy brain starts working) We took Ebony to the county show which she loved and was really well behaved with all the people and other dogs.


Things we shouldn’t have eaten!!…..

Loaf for Saturday sandwiches (again!) Fox glove stems from the garden. New plants which have been laid out ready to plant. Any plants that have already been planted, or bulbs that have been buried, mums wooden deer!!


After our 6 month worming we are now on every 3 month worming, although we are now adding in tick treatment and lung worm treatment. So far no ticks or fleas seen, so it is being successful!! remember you can’t always tell if a dog has worms as they can be too small to see, and the adult worm will stay in the animal and lay eggs, so it is still really important to spread any spread to children or adults that worming is still carried out!!

25 / 26 Weeks

IMG_2243 IMG_2263Smelling the Bluebells!

After the tummy problems of week 24, we are now back to normal.  House training is improving again after going very backwards.


We have hit a very bouncy stage!!! especially if the trampoline is included. Ebony has learnt if she hits the trampoline net door at speed, she can get in, then runs round in circles at speed, causing chaos to anyone who is trampolining. The children are having to learn to be quit and firm with her!

Cat training.

Ebony, has started putting the cat’s head in her mouth, which the cat is not completly impressed about, although she does keep coming back for more!!


Cats head in mouth!!
Can I have your stone please?


24 Weeks

IMG_2128 Not a good day……

We’ve not had the best of weeks!! The fire-lighters gave us a bit of a squitty bottom. BUT… 5 days after the fire-lighters we started being very sick. Vomiting every 10 minutes, collapsed and dehydrated. We had to put her on fluids and x-rayed her tummy as we were worried she had an obstruction, but there was nothing obvious on x-ray. Luckily though after 24 hours she turned a corner and the next day was chasing the cat!! This is a picture of her at home on a drip, possibly the only perk of having both your owners as vets!!

2 days after the vomiting we then started to choke…… after a lot of coughing ebony brought up a very large snail!!! If this dog makes it to 1 year without surgery I think we will be lucky!!!

After the snail incident we will be making sure our lung worm protection is up to date, this parasite is spread by slugs and snails and gives many symptoms, from bleeding to coughing.

Re the eating everything ….. It is very normal for puppies to mouth and chew most things as this is how they learn about their environment, what we do need to try and do though is prevent the swallowing!!



Since the vomiting this has gone slightly backwards with weeing again, fingers crossed for next week!


IMG_1215 The cat was very worried when ebony was ill, and was just sleeping next to her cage. I think animals understand a lot more than we give them credit for.




23 Weeks



House Training …….. 100%%%%  AT LAST!!!!

Things I shouldn’t have eaten……..

Fire Lighters!! – Unfortunately as it was the first BBQ of the season we put the wood and charcoal on the floor and decided to clean the BBQ first…….with hindsight this wasn’t a great plan!!! We spent the next 30 mins crawling around the garden collecting spat out peices of fire lighter and then weighing the pieces to work out how much had been eaten… Luckily it turned out hardly any had been eaten, so no trip to the vets to make her sick!!

More pieces of the trampoline!!

Tom’s  Sandwiches

(unfortunately the cat is a good teacher, and teaching the art of eating left out ham, cheese and butter!)

Cat food

Cat Training!

The cat as I said before will eat any thing and everything (we feel she is infact a Labrador disguised as a cat!) so is teaching the dog to pinch anything…… hopefully the dog may turn out to be better trained than the cat.

We are convinced the cat is learning to sit on command with the dog, but will video and let you decide!!





22 Weeks


Haytor Dartmoor..Check out my new collar!

Things I have learnt not to do this week………..

  • Don’t eat all of the yellow heads from the Daffodils = Getting shouted at
  • Don’t eat sausage shaped pieces of soil = Vomiting
  • Don’t try to dig the carpet up = More shouting


House training

If you don’t count Tuesday 100% If you do count Tuesday 3 wee accidents! BUT no poo’s all week.

Cat Time

IMG_7356 Cat and dog still getting on!! Ebony may need to be aware of how much bigger she is getting, and posssibly play a little more gently, BUT the cat cat keeps coming back for more!!


We have started to master down! and recall is still good, starting to work at a little more control away from where we are standing, but I think this may take time!!



21 Weeks


Our true labrador colours are starting to show now. Food is starting to play a big part in the day! Not only can we get our paws on the cats table to eat her food, we have learnt this week we can infact jump on the table to help reach completly everything (photo of deed still not acheived yet, but I expect will follow!)

House Training

… 2 small accidents this week, unfortunately one was on the stairway carpet, because someone left the stair gate open, and I was very excited!!

General Training

I am starting to calm down enough to slowly master down. Unfortunately up until recently even though sit had been mastered, everything was so exciting after sit, that puppy brain made it impossible to listen to any other command!!

Things I shouldn’t have learned!!

Eating the trampoline, even though it makes a great game, is something I need to stop doing asap!! IMG_2080……………..IMG_2072



We were really surprised to find young tics in Ebony’s coat after a walk through a small park in the middle of Torquay. Ebony is treated with a Tick repellent, so hopefully they wouldn’t have attached. Ticks as well as giving a nasty bite can spread Lymes disease, and Babesia…….so be on the look out!!!!