Powderham Puppy!

As one of our vets has a new puppy (TOM!) we thought we would use this opportunity to share our knowledge, and give an update of how well training, and settling in is going!!

We have never written a blog before, so please be patient whilst we work out how to do it!!

Age – 12wks

Ebony has settled in well, and just completed her last puppy worming. We recommend treating all puppies with a treatment that kills the larval stage of the worms which are passed to the puppy through the placenta, and the mothers milk.

Eating –

Ebony is being fed a large breed dry puppy food. This is formulated to allow her to grow at a steady rate, allowing her cartilage to keep up with the growth of her bones. Large breeds are very prone to developmental problems, and arthritis when they get older. Whilst this won’t necesarrily stop this from happening, it should help to decrease the risks.

Ebony is not really that bothered with eating, and at the moment the cat will eat her food given the opportunity! (not helping the cats diet!) A little bit of watered down gravy does the trick though!

We are still on 3 meals a day, but as she isn’t food orientated we will probabaly change to 2 meals a day in the next few weeks.

House Training-

When not raining, and no cat around 80%

When raining or playing with cat 50%


At the moment this is a bit of a challenge, as Ebony refuses to walk from the house, unless a – The cat comes!! or b – We can borrow another dog.

We are hoping with lots of treats, and cuddles this will soon improve. She is though happy to run around the garden.


General training, socialising etc will follow soon!!


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