13 weeks

House training

When sunny – 70% to 80%

When raining – 50% (we really don’t like the rain, and the mat before the door is so much easier!)

When playing with cat – 30%


Clinically we have never really come across an irritable bladder before, but when Ebony plays with the cat she can manage a wee avery 10mins!!

So generally we are improving, we are still not asking to go out much, but we are thinking of trying a bell tied to the inside of the door which you ring when they go out, we will let you know if it works!


Ebony is still very reluctant to walk from the house. She will happily walk if there is another dog or the cat! I am starting to think that the cat may be part of the problem, and she doesn’t want to leave her. Mare’s are often reluctant to go on a hack if their friends don’t come…. perhaps we are turning into a horse!!

FullSizeRender Ebony walking with her sister (who is eating the stick!)


Ebony is reluctant to feed from her bowl, but if the biscuits are scattered on the floor then they are eaten with relish. I am sure there is a behavioural reason to this, but I am yet to fathom it out! We are though having to feed the dog in her cage as this is the only way to stop the cat eating the food, who is happy to eat the dog food from the bowl, floor or feed container!!!

Needless to say the cat’s diet is not going well. On a veterinary point a cat can eat dog food, but not long term as they do need specific amino acids linked to red meat which cat food is high in!

IMG_1615Cleo the cat helping herself to breakfast!

Cage training

You already may have realised we use a cage for Ebony. This was something we never really had to introduce as the breeder has used them, and as soon as the cage was put up, Ebony went straight into it and fell asleep.

The cage is only closed :-

a – at night

b –  we go out.

c – During meals to stop the cat eating the food!!

We can therefore feel safe that Ebony is left in a safe environment where she can come to no harm, and feels happy. All Ebony’s toys are in the cage, and obviously fresh water. Anything Ebony finds she puts straight into her cage, so it helps us find odd socks, shoes or anything else she has collected along the way!

People ofter say cage training is cruel??? We caged are 2 older labs, they used to go into the cage at any opportunity, it meant that we could leave them with people, and take them on holiday with us safe in the knowledge they could cause no harm and mess and be invited back. We have always used cages in the car as well.

As a vet, animals that are used to cages are markendly less stressed when they have to stay with us at the vets if ill.  A calmer animal is easier to be treated, and will often recover quicker.











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