14 weeks



If Sunny, and cat is not involved can be 100%

At night 100%

If raining, or playing with cat 75% to 80%

I am starting to appreciate how much easier it is to house train a summer puppy, compared to a winter puppy! at least we have hard floors!!


Walking from the house, or the car is still problematic!! but as soon as they are out sight everything is fine.We are using a small harness, which is working really well, and are slowly starting to introduce walking to heel.


We can now sit to hand and voice control, and are learning down and paw. Although we do tend to get a little excited if we know there is a treat to be had and will tend to do all three and end up on our back with are feet in the air wanting a tummy tickle!!

Cat training

This is a new section, but as I’ve said before the cat does does appear to be in charge, and this week has been teaching the puppy how to climb tree’s!!IMG_7270





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