18 weeks


Walking with my friend!!


We have started to enjoy our walks, and now rarely hide when the lead is seen!! This is a picture with my grown up friend, who has helped to make me brave!!


House Training

I think we are eventually¬† getting there. We’ve certainly had more dry days then accident days!

Cat Training

We’ve got some great video’s of the cat and dog playing in their tunnel, once we’ve worked out how to put them on you tube we will give you the links.



17 Weeks


Things I have leant this week…..

If I stand on my back feet, I can eat the things my family kindly leave me on the work surface. If I can’t reach them the cat helps to pass them to me!

I can also reach the cat food, which seems only fair as she eats my food!

It wasn’t me!!

I also like chewing letters and cardboard!!

House Training

Still hit and miss. We’ve only had 1 poo accident all week, then had two accidents within 2 hours. We often have a wee accident in the evenings, but I think this is becuas we cannot hear her asking to go out. We are going to try the bell.



Ebony is mixing with lots of dogs at work, and is good when she meets dogs on leads. She did meet a lady in a hat yesterday which was a little scary, but with a little encouragement was find!

Cat Training

Unfortunately the cat is passing her bad habits to the dog, namely pinching food, and eating anything she shouldn’t.








Ebony and Cleo
Ebony 16 weeks

Growing up fast!!

The poor cat is regularly getting squashed in games of rough and tumble, alhough she gives as good as she gets!

House Training…!!

Still a little hit and miss! I think we are a little more hit, although Ebony isn’t good at asking to go out, and completly forgets when she is playing with the cat.


Once walking, Ebony is great on the lead, stays at heel and doesn’t pull, and is great with all other dogs that she meets. Although I have to say it is a bit of a bug bear of mine when people who have their dog off the lead walk past trying to ignore the dog whilst their dog is coming over to talk to mine. If your dog is off the lead, it should be under control and staying away from dogs on the lead. As a vet I end up dealing with far too many dog bites that could have been avoided. A dog on a lead is under control, it will also tend to protect it’s owner, and will possibly be more aggresive, and that often means fighting with a dog that comes up to it off the lead.

If the dog is wearing¬† a yellow bow on it’s lead or a muzzle these are even bigger indicators to keep your dog away. Not all dogs or their owners want to play!!

Rant over… Ebony’s problem though is going for a walk, she still won’t happily walk out of the end of the drive, and actively runs away when she see’s her lead! As a behaviourist this would suggest she associates walking with a bad experiance which she has never had, and once out of the driveway she appears happy. I am still suspicious she doesn’t like leaving the cat!! We are trying to sort the situation with lots of treats, and putting on the lead and not going for a walk and just getting a treat. We are also trying different leads and harness’s to see if she doesn’t like the feel. We will let you know how it is working!


4 month worming today. I had forgotten how much easier a single tablet is compared to 3 days of granules.




15 Weeks



House training

Some dry days, and only 1 (ish!)¬† accident a day on other days (or if it’s raining!)


We’ve done some lovely walks this week! Fun beach walks, Castle Drogo and Killerton. We are still reluctant to leave the house or car, but it only take a small amount of persuasion to get going, then it’s a wagging tail all the way.



We’ve mastered sit, and paw. Unfortunately we are still too excited after sitting to consider doing anything further like lie down.

Cat Training

The cat is starting to realise that the puppy is growing!! and regularly gets completly pinned to the floor. This doesn’t stop her coming back for more though!