17 Weeks


Things I have leant this week…..

If I stand on my back feet, I can eat the things my family kindly leave me on the work surface. If I can’t reach them the cat helps to pass them to me!

I can also reach the cat food, which seems only fair as she eats my food!

It wasn’t me!!

I also like chewing letters and cardboard!!

House Training

Still hit and miss. We’ve only had 1 poo accident all week, then had two accidents within 2 hours. We often have a wee accident in the evenings, but I think this is becuas we cannot hear her asking to go out. We are going to try the bell.



Ebony is mixing with lots of dogs at work, and is good when she meets dogs on leads. She did meet a lady in a hat yesterday which was a little scary, but with a little encouragement was find!

Cat Training

Unfortunately the cat is passing her bad habits to the dog, namely pinching food, and eating anything she shouldn’t.








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