19 and 20 weeks


On Holiday!!  The Menai Straits.

Our first holiday. We (the dog and us!) survived our first long car trip. 6 hours in the car, punctuated by 2 hourly wee breaks, although some gaps between the breaks were a little longer, done to the fact at times it would have been quicker to walk up the M6 than sat in static traffic!! We had no whining (except from the children!) and no accidents.

House training – Only one accident in a week, which we were very impressed with!

What we have done….We have discovered National Trust properties with beautiful dog friendly gardens. Ebony would get a lovely long walk, then was happy to stay in the car, while we explored the house. Both children and dog happy!

Walks on the beachIMG_1932 Ebony’s had a great time playing on the beach with lots of people to keep her occupied. The beaches were empty allowing some off the lead running, which she loved and demonstrated great recall.

What we have learnt this week…..

The cat is my friend….IMG_1925and was very happy to see me when I got back from holiday.

I shouldn’t eat a whole loaf of bread as it made me very sick!!!!IMG_1967




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