21 Weeks


Our true labrador colours are starting to show now. Food is starting to play a big part in the day! Not only can we get our paws on the cats table to eat her food, we have learnt this week we can infact jump on the table to help reach completly everything (photo of deed still not acheived yet, but I expect will follow!)

House Training

… 2 small accidents this week, unfortunately one was on the stairway carpet, because someone left the stair gate open, and I was very excited!!

General Training

I am starting to calm down enough to slowly master down. Unfortunately up until recently even though sit had been mastered, everything was so exciting after sit, that puppy brain made it impossible to listen to any other command!!

Things I shouldn’t have learned!!

Eating the trampoline, even though it makes a great game, is something I need to stop doing asap!! IMG_2080……………..IMG_2072



We were really surprised to find young tics in Ebony’s coat after a walk through a small park in the middle of Torquay. Ebony is treated with a Tick repellent, so hopefully they wouldn’t have attached. Ticks as well as giving a nasty bite can spread Lymes disease, and Babesia…….so be on the look out!!!!




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