23 Weeks



House Training …….. 100%%%%  AT LAST!!!!

Things I shouldn’t have eaten……..

Fire Lighters!! – Unfortunately as it was the first BBQ of the season we put the wood and charcoal on the floor and decided to clean the BBQ first…….with hindsight this wasn’t a great plan!!! We spent the next 30 mins crawling around the garden collecting spat out peices of fire lighter and then weighing the pieces to work out how much had been eaten… Luckily it turned out hardly any had been eaten, so no trip to the vets to make her sick!!

More pieces of the trampoline!!

Tom’s  Sandwiches

(unfortunately the cat is a good teacher, and teaching the art of eating left out ham, cheese and butter!)

Cat food

Cat Training!

The cat as I said before will eat any thing and everything (we feel she is infact a Labrador disguised as a cat!) so is teaching the dog to pinch anything…… hopefully the dog may turn out to be better trained than the cat.

We are convinced the cat is learning to sit on command with the dog, but will video and let you decide!!






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