25 / 26 Weeks

IMG_2243 IMG_2263Smelling the Bluebells!

After the tummy problems of week 24, we are now back to normal.  House training is improving again after going very backwards.


We have hit a very bouncy stage!!! especially if the trampoline is included. Ebony has learnt if she hits the trampoline net door at speed, she can get in, then runs round in circles at speed, causing chaos to anyone who is trampolining. The children are having to learn to be quit and firm with her!

Cat training.

Ebony, has started putting the cat’s head in her mouth, which the cat is not completly impressed about, although she does keep coming back for more!!


Cats head in mouth!!
Can I have your stone please?



24 Weeks

IMG_2128 Not a good day……

We’ve not had the best of weeks!! The fire-lighters gave us a bit of a squitty bottom. BUT… 5 days after the fire-lighters we started being very sick. Vomiting every 10 minutes, collapsed and dehydrated. We had to put her on fluids and x-rayed her tummy as we were worried she had an obstruction, but there was nothing obvious on x-ray. Luckily though after 24 hours she turned a corner and the next day was chasing the cat!! This is a picture of her at home on a drip, possibly the only perk of having both your owners as vets!!

2 days after the vomiting we then started to choke…… after a lot of coughing ebony brought up a very large snail!!! If this dog makes it to 1 year without surgery I think we will be lucky!!!

After the snail incident we will be making sure our lung worm protection is up to date, this parasite is spread by slugs and snails and gives many symptoms, from bleeding to coughing.

Re the eating everything ….. It is very normal for puppies to mouth and chew most things as this is how they learn about their environment, what we do need to try and do though is prevent the swallowing!!



Since the vomiting this has gone slightly backwards with weeing again, fingers crossed for next week!


IMG_1215 The cat was very worried when ebony was ill, and was just sleeping next to her cage. I think animals understand a lot more than we give them credit for.