29,30 and 31 weeks

Look how I’m growing!!! Unfortunately I have started to eat the deer / reindeer and it now requites some TLC!

House training appears to be cracked!!!! We’ve even been away to London to a mid summers eve party and went camping. Except for one chewed guy rope everything went really well!  The advantage or a cage trained dog, is that the cage will travel!!

Training – Slowly improving, we are now working on getting some control from a distance, but this is still a little hit and miss.

Worming – We are now into 3 monthly worming, but to keep on top of Lung worm and Ticks everything is still being given monthly.

To spay or not to spay, that is the question ……

In the past we have always known we haven’t had the time for puppies and have always spayed before a bitch’s first season. (The vets are always happy to discus the pro’s and con’s of when to spay) This helps to prevent mammary and cervical cancers. BUT breeding may be an option this time. I think we will wait until she is fully grown and then check hips and elbows and eyes… and make a decision.

If pets could talk!!

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