When you take home your puppy, it is really important that you lay down the ground rules now whilst they are still cute and fluffy!! Rather than struggling with a large fully grown unruly dog who can be destructive and dangerous.
As cute and fluffy as they are, they are not a baby or a toy, they are a young dog that needs to be taught social skills and manners in the same way that a parent teaches their children.

When you take home your new puppy you need to understand that your family has now become a pack, and the social standings associated with a pack are now transferred to yourselves.
Basically you want your puppy to grow up feeling safe, looked after, and understanding you are in charge.
This in turn should mean you end up with a lovely, predictable and safe dog who should love being around you and is a real asset to have around!!

This may sound complicated!! But the basic principles of training are fairly simple, but you must remember to be consistent with what you are doing!!
As a start….
I strongly believe that (if possible) dogs shouldn’t go upstairs or on the furniture. By allowing a dog upstairs or onto a raised surface it cab make the dog more dominant and lead to problems in the future. Also puppies will grow, and although a small puppy on your lap is cute, they will get bigger!!!

From the start when you feed your dog, pretend to eat their food, and push them out of the way, and if possible feed the dog after you have eaten. This helps to reinforce you as top dog, and allow your puppy to settle into the pack.
This not only helps with general coat condition, and helps prevent / treat a dry puppy coat it again reinforces you as top dog. Get a puppy used to having it’s feet touched and mouth opened. This also helps the vets examine your pet, and deal with them if they become ill.
Lots more to come….